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May 2013

The Best that rational thought can do

Can the reality of God be proved? Yes God can be proved but you can only prove it for yourself.  There are many logical arguments which may lead you to the belief that God is a reasonable probability, but the only proof which can finally resolve your doubts is to experience God yourself.  You can do this if you wish.  That is what Jesus meant when he said “Seek and you shall find.” No promise in scripture has more abundantly confirmed by the experience of Christians of all ages. My personal experience is that you cannot reason your way to a belief in God as a loving Father by reason alone.
The best that rational thought can do for us is to lead us to a belief in some kind of Supreme Being.  Many people have mistaken the idea of God with a belief in God.  They are two different foundations for living.  The idea of God gives intellectual assent to the existence of God while the other is a practiced way of life in prayer and action. The idea of God does not take faith to affirm the necessity for a creator, it only postulates and affirms there must have been a first or primary cause.  This is merely a logical hypothesis, drawn from the clear evidence of a universe which you cannot conceive of as self-starting.  The result of all this logic is that we can postulate there is a God.  There is in our universe an order, pattern, design or will that is intelligible to our minds.  The average person knows this already as the experience of daily living.
Even the most cynical person can come to the conclusion that the world around us has an order and pattern to its beauty.  Reason can bring us to the first juncture in the road.  We must decide whether order and pattern is a result of a primary cause or by chance. A person might ask at this point what is more likely the primary cause of order a creator or chance.  
I believe our cultural understanding of the universe is found in the common phrases we use daily.  When I hear a conversation end with Good Luck I wonder if people mean the universe was the result of mere chance.  Just as important is what I do not hear. I rarely hear at the end of a conversation the phrase have faith or keep the faith indicating a creator.  In the ancient use of language the term fortune implied a God because all fortune came from God.  Maybe we as Christians could end our conversations by saying Good Fortune instead of Good Luck.  Sending a signal to the world that there is a creator.

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