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The Vestry

The Vestry is the lay governing board of St. Peter's church. The constitution of the parish provides for the Vestry to "manage the temporal affairs of the Parish" and to "do everything required for the good government and support of the Parish" (Article III, section 5). This is a big task, prayerfully undertaken by volunteers who serve as representatives of the parish. Vestry meetings are the place where decisions about upcoming actions are made, reports of on-going work are given, and the welfare of the parish is assessed. Members of the parish who have concerns that they wish to have addressed are encouraged to ask to have those concerns discussed at the monthly meeting of the Vestry.

St. Peter's Vestry is comprised of four officers and six additional members of the parish. Each member at large is elected for a three year term and officers--Senior and Junior Wardens, Treasurer, and Clerk--serve for up to three consecutive one year terms. Vestry members are elected at the Annual Meeting in January, after their selection by a nominating committee. Terms are staggered so that no more than one third of the Vestry is replaced each year, allowing for continuity of action.

The Vestry meets on the third Sunday of each month, after the coffee hour. Except for executive sessions (required when discussing personnel decisions), the meetings are open to any member of the congregation who wishes to attend. The minutes for each meeting are kept on file in the Parish Administrator's office and are available for members of the parish who would like to read them. Please note that there is a one month delay in availability of the minutes, as they must be approved by the Vestry at the subsequent meeting before posting them.

Vestry Roles:

The Senior Warden is the parish member selected to provide the most senior lay leadership to the congregation. In the absence of the Rector, the Senior Warden runs Vestry meetings. The Senior Warden works in conjunction with the Rector to assure the smooth operation of the parish in worship, education, and social events. In addition, the Senior Warden provides a monthly article for the parish Fish Tales newsletter.

The Junior Warden is the parish member selected to organize and oversee the smooth operation of the physical plant of St. Peter's. The Junior Warden works with the Rector, the Senior Warden, and the Building Committee, and in the absence of the Senior Warden, functions as the primary lay leader of the parish.

The Treasurer prepares and presents the monthly financial reports for the congregation. Assisted by the parish book-keeper, the Treasurer also works with the Finance Committee to create a yearly budget.

The Clerk serves the Vestry and the parish by taking accurate, detailed notes of all official Vestry meetings.

The 2017 Vestry members are:

Sr. Warden--Clark Lewis
Jr. Warden
Treasurer--Eric Wissmann
Vestry--Chris Molloy
Vestry--Fred Stuart
Vestry--Ray Turner
Vestry--Ingrid von Kannewuff


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