St. Peter's Episcopal
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                               Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
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Altar Guild
There is a tremendous amount of preparation before each Sunday Liturgy. A meticulous group of dedicated St. Peter’s women assure that each Holy Eucharist that the linen are freshly laundered and pressed, fresh cut flowers on Altar, candles ready to be lit, metals polished, readings marked, elements prepared for presentation, and correct seasonal hangings are displayed. Vestments are kept presentable.
Each week two members prepare and clear away for that Sunday. Please consider participating by calling Joan Wright, Chair

About 10 members greet and assist those coming into worship. Ushers prepare the Hymn Board, arrange chairs in proper order, collect offertory, gather youth from Sunday school and lead parishioners to Altar during communion. After services they are responsible to make sure the church is secure, lights off, papers and other items removed and candles out. These men and women help make St. Peter’s a warm atmosphere to come and worship.

It takes a very special person to read scripture as it was meant to be read. Keeping the tone level and voice at one volume is a skill few people have mastered. Our Readers are exceptional and the love of reading is a truly gifted ministry. For new readers are always welcome, please speak with rector or office if you would like to a part of this team.

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Prayer Shawl Ministry

Several women of the church are in their 5th year of knitting prayer shawls, lap blankets and baby, blankets for members of St. Peter’s, patients in Bridgton Hospital and Bridgton Healthcare Center. Twice a month, on the second and fourth Tuesdays, the women meet as a group in homes of the members to knit, share their prayers, and prepare their prayer gifts to those who may be ill or having a difficult journey, new birth, a baptism or for the patients in hospitals and care facilities. They are for men, women and children of all ages.

While the gifts are being created with loving hands, prayers are offered for the unknown recipient. When completed the group gathers for a specific Prayer Shawl Prayer then it is wrapped for the special someone to receive. Each member remembers the gifts they made and continues to pray for all who have received a knitted gift from St. Peter’s Episcopal Church.

Basic knitting skills are all that is needed. If you are interested in participating with the other members of Prayer Shawl Ministry, please speak with the Rector of office.

St. Peter’s In-Reach Team Ministry

The first In-reach Team Ministry began in 2007 and evolved as a ministry of extending love & care within the church to our church membership. St. Peter’s is known for its Outreach program, but this ministry is for the specific purpose of actively giving the same Christian support to those of our St. Peter’s family. The Team meets the 1st Sunday at 11AM of each month to discuss the celebrations and needs of our family members. Our team consist of:

Birthday Month Celebration

Provides a cake once a month to celebrate everyone who has a birthday that month.

Prayer Tree

Daily prayers are offered for those in distressed, ill, travel or for families who have lost a family member or friend. All requests for prayer are confidential, only those in the prayer tree may have knowledge.

Lay Eucharistic Ministry

A trained Lay Eucharistic member will accept the Holy Eucharist, which has been prepared during the Liturgy, and take the communion to a parish member who may not be able to attend Sunday Worship. Many feel comforted to know that they are still participating in the Eucharist, only in the comforts of their home as needed.


Members of the In-reach team, make it a point to call or visit with a new person to our parish. There are always question of who we are, what our mission at St. Peter’s may be, programs they may be interested in joining and the social events we have at our church. There is a saying that older friends are like gold, new friends are like silver both, precious and important members of our parish community.


A team of parish chefs prepare meals for those members and families who are having extended illness, injury or who are otherwise unable to prepare a meal. Meals are always made not only to nourish the body but also bring the love in the meal preparation to nourish the soul of someone in need. Something so simple shows the love of Christ in all of us.


There are times for many of us when we are without a vehicle. There is someone we can call to help get us to the doctor office, church, choir practice, or a meeting. There are several people within the church who are more that eager to help get someone to their needed event. An In -reach team member who heads this ministry is very willing to help someone with these needs, please feel free speak with the Rector or office.


The doors are not yet open and you are greeted with a smile and Good Morning. Those are the St. Peter’s Greeters, always with an upbeat attitude, finding your name tag, answering questions and helping find that sign-up sheet for the next church event. There are teams of 2 people for each Sunday and other parish events.

Train Cake
(made by Margaret Reimer)

train cake

train cake








Baptismal Font

baptisimal font

Quilted Hanging

quilt hanging


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Connecting the church
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