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St. Peter’s offers Christian Education for all ages

Church Library

The parish library is located in the rector's office. Books have been classified according to the familiar Dewey Decimal System, and guides to the system have been placed on a library shelf, including a more detailed guide to the 200 Religion section. A list of books alphabetized by author is also available and will be updated as needed. Simple instructions for checking out a book are provided.

Our entire collection can be viewed in an online database called LibraryThing. To access our holdings, simply follow the Church Library Catalog link on the St. Peter's web page. Parishioners can search by title, author or subject; keyword searches work fine as well. The list may also be organized in different ways: e.g. author, title, call no. There's even an option that will let you view the cover of each book.

It is hoped that the library will be a rich source of information, guidance, and inspiration. In the future we will be expanding/updating the collection. Please keep in mind that appropriate book donations—as well as monetary donations—are always welcome.

Barbara Mortenson, Parish Librarian

Adult Study Programs

Opportunities for adult education are offered at several times throughout the year. Lenten and Advent programs have focused on such topics as: Celtic spirituality, book discussion groups, the art of meditation, and the parables. Also, there is an annual adult inquirers class giving an opportunity to those who wish to learn more about the Episcopal Church.

fish Adult Education fish

Education for Ministry

Do you sometimes forget if it was Jonah or Job who sat on the dungheap?  Do you know why Jael might not be the best companion on a camping trip?  Have you ever been struck that in Luke's Gospel, the angels and the shepherds visit the manger but in Matthew that job is held by the Magi?  Why does Mark completely ignore Jesus' birth and John only provides an allegory?  What is the Reformation and why, if we are Protestants, do we say we believe in a "one, holy, and catholic church"?  Do you ever wonder which is your special ministry, since each of us is called to minister to each other in our baptism?

 If these, or other questions about Scripture, church history, or spirituality, occur to you, you might be a perfect student for St. Peter's Education for Ministry (EfM) group.  This extension program of the University of the South (Sewanee) has been offered in Episcopal churches around the country (and the world) since the late 1970s.  Over four years students are offered the opportunity a detailed overview of the Old and New Testaments, church history, and theological trends.  Groups also practice thinking theologically about the world--this may sound intimidating, but what it really means is that students learn to apply biblical learning to the ways they live their lives every day.  Perhaps most importantly, the group members bond with each other as they explore their spiritual journeys and determine the ways in which they are called to serve God in the world.

St. Peter's group began in the fall of 2008 when seven intrepid learners joined together to find out more about the program.  The group meets for 34 weeks (during the school year)-- Mondays at 6 p.m. in the Narthex.  Meetings last for two and a half hours and include a break for refreshment and socializing.  Margaret and Terry Reimer serve as mentors, guiding the discussions of the week's reading and assisting with the reflection process.  The program requires a commitment of time--for instance, in the first year's program students read a considerable amount of the Old Testament as well as companion materials provided by Sewanee.  Members report that it can take up to five hours a week to complete preparation for class.  The program also requires a financial commitment--it costs $350 a year, with some assistance available for those who need it.  Members do not need special education achievement--anyone with a high school education and a desire to learn can succeed.  The EfM website  contains more detailed information about the program, and under the "students" link, some sample lessons for each of the four years.

The EfM group would be happy to share their experiences with the curious.  We also thank the parish for their prayers for the group, offered weekly during the Prayers of the People.



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